The Princess of Darkness Sheds Some Light on Being the Only Woman on the Field


In our first official Power Players profile, we introduced you to Fantasy Football expert and Yahoo Sports analyst Liz Loza. With every Power Player, we ask them to shout out another woman in the world of sports who inspires and motivates them (shine theory in action!) and Liz gave props to one of our favorite game-changers, Amy Trask.

Amy has one of those career stories that you’ll want to find a graduation speech to include it in after you hear it. In 1983 she cold-called the Oakland Raiders office and got a job as an intern, eventually working her way up. All the way up. She spent 16 years as CEO of the franchise and is currently a football studio analyst for CBS Sports. Today, she gives us the scoop on what a weekend of football looks like for her (sorry, there’s no 7-layer dip here, folks) and why her Super Bowl is better than yours. Even though, again, no 7-year dip there either.